Install WSL on non-C drive

Open Powershell: Run Set-Location DriveLetter: where DriveLetter is the drive where WSL will be installed Then create a directory for WSL with New-Item WSL -Type Directory Now set location there with Set-Location .\WSL Now download the appx package with Invoke-WebRequest -Uri appx_package_url -OutFile Linux.appx -UseBasicParsing Now we will unpack appx with Copy-Item .\Linux.appx .\Linux2.appx and then Rename-Item .\Linux2.appx -Newname “” and then Expand-Archive .\ Now Get-Childitem -Filter *.exe and …

Extract lib from dll on Windows

1. exports extract the functions and classes in *.dll by:$> dumpbin.exe /exports libsample.dll /out:libsample.def 2. function names edit libsample.def and remove everything except function names (keep C++ name mangling chars). then add EXPORTS as the first line. as: 3. make *.lib run this line depending on architecture:$> lib.exe /def:libsample.def /machine:arm /out:libsample.lib source